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Social media photography

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How to get a brand that photographs well

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When do you stop scrolling on social media – particularly when it comes to brand posts? Most likely you do this when an image draws your eye and keep you paying attention for even a couple of extra fractions of a second.

Those extra fractions are due to the fact that someone though about EVERYTHING concerning that photo: composition, colors, setting, product – everything was arranged just so you can pause your timeline.

Imagine Fotografii Social Media – 1B
Imagine Fotografii Social Media – 2

So if your brand’s visual presence in social media sort of looks like this:

simple product thumbnail images imported directly from the website

digitally altered photography: product image superimposed on stock photos

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then you are probably wondering why your post reach is weak, why no one reacts to them and why fans and followers never use them as gateways to your website.

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reach, reactions and a small number of clicks send out a clear message:

fans and followers do not find your images interesting and, as a consequence, they never read your post’s content. Maybe content is king but without a visual crown it gets lost with an upwards swipe.

So how about

you crown your content with a lovely eye-catching piece? What if your social media photographs turned out looking like something from a magazine spread?

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What’s standing in your way?

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  I don’t have the time to organize a photo shoot

  I don’t have the necessary equipment or space.

  I have no inspiration for how I want my images to look.

  I don’t have the set for top notch decorations.

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Think Up!

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At Connect Media we help you create the visual “gateways” mentioned above
with our service dedicated exclusively for social media photography.

From Facebook posts to Instagram squares and Pinterest pins, we have a dedicated team to help your products strike a pose.

Why is social media photography a good choice for your business?

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Being original counts:

naturally a book on personal development looks great on a table BUT have your tried to place the book on a one-way street trying to catch a break in traffic? We did and it turned out great!

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The perfect shot counts:

naturally a shower gel looks good on a bathroom shelf but what if you add some running water and drops of glycerin to create the image of fluidity?

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The necessary equipment matters:

naturally you can take pictures using your phone, but does it allow you to play with depth of field, ISO settings, color temperature and a bunch of other settings that help you get the perfect shot?

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Being YOU matters:

naturally there are others selling the same thing but what if you offered became part of your brand personality? Social media photography creates certain expectations related to products and benefits: luxury, playful, durable, friendly – anything can be said with the perfect setting and lighting.