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Web Design

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Keept it smart and simple

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The first trait of any website should be functionality.
Sure, it doesn’t sound sexy and it looks like a boogeyman for creativity but where “form” and “function” meet there is the sweet spot where you want your website to be.

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of users point out UX as the most important factor in any website

A website needs to:

1   attract the user
2   convince them to look around as much as possible
3   offer intuitive and friendly architecture for the information
4   provide a seamless experience both of desktop and smartphones

Can a website
do all this?
Yes, but only if its based
on a well-established
concept that is synched
with your brand identity.

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of users would not recommend a website that is difficult to use

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What is standing
in your way?

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  I don’t know how to apply my brand to a website

  I don’t actually know what I want my website to look like

  I don’t know the actual design process

  I don’t have the necessary experience to build a relevant and responsive website

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Think Up!

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Your website needs to look this year and in 5 years’ time.

Website Web Design

Technology obviously evolves, design trends come and go but a well-built website will stand the test of time in more than honorable fashion.

Working with our web designer, you can be sure your new website will be:

100% original and unique: helps you create a favorable and lasting impression on the user

Friendly: information is easy to find and read, presented in an attractive fashion

Intuitive: from sign-up to contact forms and an actual purchase – everything is easy to accomplish