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clienti 102

“Professionalism meets unbridled creativity and they’ve fit me like a glove. Fast and efficient solutions for every one of my perfectionist requests made this collaboration into a game I am fully enjoying.”

Camelia Jidoveanu


clienti 19

“I’ve had the opportunity to enjoy the professionalism you provide to your business partners. Working with Connect Media is defined by communication, professionalism, and respect. All these traits ensure your business success. Thank you for everything!”

Liviu Marinescu


clienti 103

“I would say I enjoy the partnership with Connect Media because I know I can rely on you when we either have an operational problem that needs solving or we need to evolve some new business opportunities – you always see it through to the end and never stop until things are done correctly.”

Stefan Ecxarcu

Global Archive Management

clienti 6

”Thank you, Connect Media, for being so open to something new. We’ve had the opportunity to get to know a team that embraces a challenge, that creates and builds based on the client’s wishes, that listens carefully to the client’s needs, and that provides a final product worthy of praise.”

Alexandra Revnic


clienti 103

“Alongside communication, transparency and honesty, this is where you find the tools you need for constant and visible promotion. Everything that happens in a Connect Media campaign is based on the same principles that band the team together – joy, good energy, high frequency radars to everything that is new, and generally oriented towards beautiful results.”

Dana Toma


clienti 26

“You’ve helped me to dare, to try, and then to go on! You’ve found the place for Bordianu and Associates and have given it a voice! I cannot say exactly what it is you did or how you did it. What I do know is the impact and significance of your actions. You have invented and Connected us!”

Cătălina Calangiu Bordianu

Bordianu și Asociații

clienti 27

“It all started from a simple wish: to build a strong brand and a professional website – a website in harmony with my values and one which we represents me. During the entire process there was a detailed and solid plan which ensured that the final product completely surpassed my expectations.”

Ionuț Costache


clienti 104

“Working with Connect Media is more than a business relationship for us: they are always there for us with creative ideas, fast replies, support and good team management. We’ve gotten to know a cool team that is willing to prove every day that it can do more.”

Cătălina Ionescu

Inteli PR

clienti 105

“First I want to thank you for the commitment. Working with Connect Media and especially with Oana Chivu has helped us find the best solutions for developing our business, particularly in the beginning when we lacked a clear vision on our marketing strategy.”

The Trăiește Bio Team


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