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Social Media

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Be more sociable as a brand!

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Everyone has told you that social media is good for your business: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and even Pinterest.

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They are right!
Social media is perfect for awareness, for presenting products/services from a new perspective and for talking directly to customers and potential customers!

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Social media is a tool. If you don’t know how to use it, the dust gets on it. Just because you have a social media page doesn’t mean GATA!It’s just the first step – let’s take the next!

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What are the steps for a social media strategy?

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appropriate tone of voice:
are you talking to a business partner or end customer who needs your products or services? Define your interlocutor and keep a unified tone from post to reply!

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visual unity:
use your brand identity to define a unified visual presence: logo, fonts, colours, graphics.

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consistency in communication:
set up a posting schedule: that way you’ll know WHAT and WHEN you post – about products, their benefits, your brand and the team behind it.

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open dialogue:
for better or worse? Never mind! Any comment or review should be addressed and resolved in a diplomatic manner.

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promotional campaigns:
a successful campaign means engaging content, creative and personalised visuals, a well-chosen tagline and ongoing optimisation – that’s what you get for every new click, like, subscribe or fan.

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What is standing in your way?

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  I don’t know how to use social media for businesses

  I don’t have time to handle posts/PMs/comments

  I don’t know when and what to post

  I don’t know how Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Pinterest Ads work

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Think Up!

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Why social media service is a must for your business?

1. It’s good to be approachable
beyond the website, users search social media for information about a brand. This is where you can be friendlier, more approachable, more original.

2. You talk to them directly:
if you don’t do something right, the comments won’t be long in coming – they are very useful feedback to make your business better.

3. Kept in promotion:
from age to gender to geographic location to job to educational background, selecting a target for social media promotion can be very granular and help you reach your ideal user.