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Inbound Marketing

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Attract. Engage. Delight.

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How many of your website users and returning visitors?
How many of your clients recommend you to others?

If the answer is “not enough”,
then inbound marketing is the solution you need

Inbound marketing has two very important objectives:
attract new clients and turn one-time purchasers into loyal customers.

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chance of selling to a client who has purchased from you before

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of your revenue comes from 20% of your clients

The strategy works based on the three steps from above:

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the first step in any marketing strategy is to bring in new users. You can do this with relevant blog articles, social media posts and SEO.

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once they visit your website, users need to be motivated to make an action, to interact with your content. We are talking about forms they can fill in with their personal information and call-to-action buttons that direct them exactly where you want them.

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we have users and clients – what next? We provide them with relevant content via the website, social medial, and personalized newsletters based on their online behavior and buyer persona. Your brand therefore becomes a constant but relevant and welcome presence in their lives.

chance of selling to a first-time client


You’ll notice that the steps above have one thing in common:

Content. Content. Content.

Strategie Marketing inbound marketing

Inbound marketing
only works when the content you provide is interesting and useful.

From social media to blog articles and from landing pages to personalized emails, everything needs to be trustworthy and committed.

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What is standing
in your way?

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  I don’t know how to organize my users

  I don’t know how to create relevant content

  I don’t have a content strategy

  There is no unifying message underlining my online presence

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Think Up!

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At Connect Media inbound marketing is based on a simple idea:
to receive, you have to give.

So if you want new clients and more active customers, you need to give them reasons to keep you in mind.

To increase your customer database
and to build customer loyalty, our strategy involves social media posts, forms and landing pages build for lead generation, blog articles that cement your authority in the field, and carefully crafted personalized emails.

Are you ready to give?