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What do web hosting services involve at Connect Media?

We own a MICROSOFT cloud server dedicated to our clients’ websites – a server that can be tailored to your site’s requirements.

So we can start from a standard website hosting package:

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Microsoft Azure server

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2 GB of space (standard, additional 1 GB at extra cost)

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Bandwidth: 5 GB maximum FREE (any overage is only charged per additional 1 GB)

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Dedicated IP

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FREE Cloudflare* account with 5GB bandwidth

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You get access to the server administration panel where you have all the necessary information (available space, requested processes, error log, etc.)

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Full configuration with optional firewall in case of attacks and hackers

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Cloudfare does this: your server is in Romania, you have a visitor from France. The visitor will retrieve files from the server closest to his location. So the site loads as fast and as well in Bucharest as it does in Bordeaux.


Email package setup
with Microsoft

thanks to the superior email filtering system (i.e. you receive less spam and your communication address does NOT end up in the recipient’s SPAM).


we can help you with ZOHO/GMAIL configuration depending on your budget.