Google Ads

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How to make sure
no one ignores your ads

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Google Ads looks deceivably simple.
It ropes you with easy to follow steps, lures you further in with a voucher, provides you with some tips and tricks and voila! You are all set up to make your entrance on the world’s largest ad network!

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Display ads increase website traffic by 300%

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Google Ads website visitors are 50% more likely to make a purchase

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What is standing in your way?

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  I don’t know what my ad campaign objectives are

  I don’t know how to set up a remarketing audience

  I don’t know how to improve the quality score

  I don’t have the time to monitor campaigns

  I don’t know how to set up keywords

  I don’t know what to choose between search, display, remarketing or even if I HAVE to choose

  I don’t know how to plan my budget

  I don’t know how to create a relevant and attractive landing page

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Think Up!

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Why is Google Ads a good
choice for your business?

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We like certificates (they look nice when framed and they offer us credibility).
That is why Connect Media is a Google Partner certified agency.
Based on over 7 years of experience with clicks, conversions and CTR, we are proud to say our ads have raked in over 3.5 million clicks, have been viewed over 700 million times and have brought on almost 53.000 conversions (when that was the campaign objective). We have reached these numbers with original copy and eye-catching visuals that attract attention for your offer.

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Measurable results
From the number of clicks, to impressions, conversions, cost per click and budget, everything is transparent and quantifiable. This allows us to constantly optimize and to make sure the numbers only get better for enviable ROI.

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Reasonable cost
You only pay when someone clicks on your ad – you can have a budget of 100 lei or 1.000 lei. Calling on some experts (hello!), means you will enjoy better traffic at a lower cost.

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Even if your competitor outbids you, your ad can reach a better position if: you have a better click through rate, if your landing page is more relevant for the selected keywords, and the ad is original and interesting. This ensure more visibility at a lower cost.

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Pinpoint targeting
You can select certain areas, devices, hours or can target users who have visited your website and have already shown interest in your offer. This is when you need a carefully crafted remarketing list.

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Permanent optimization
Google Ads needs constant commitment to offer the best results at the best costs. You don’t have time for this but our team will gladly take it off your hands. Budgets, bids, remarketing lists, CPC, CTA and CTR – they will all be closely looked after and made to work for you.