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Think of your business marketing strategy as a complicated puzzle formed of

promoting, socializing and loyalty.

The secret of the steps? Each one is in sync with the one before and the one after – that’s how you get to your destination.

stategie marketing line element


stategie marketing line element
strategie marketing 1

Strategie marketing

Pasul #1: social media management

What we do for you: pre-planned posts, respond to good AND bad posts and comments, videography and social media photography.

strategie marketing 2

Strategie marketing

Pasul #2: create content

From social media posts to website pages and newsletters: content is EVERYTHING – would you read what’s being written about your brand? If not really, let’s read what we have to say about it.

strategie marketing 3

Strategie marketing

Pasul #3: Google Ads

Do you want to appear FIX when someone searches FIX the products or services you offer? Google Ads is the fastest solution for that. Click below to see how Google Ads (and us!) can work for you.

strategie marketing 4

Strategie marketing

Pasul #4: email marketing

How about sending newsletters that aren’t a reason to “There they go again?” Learn how email marketing doesn’t have to mean SPAM or instant DELETE.

strategie marketing 5

Strategie marketing

Pasul #5: business presentation

Does the presentation you send to prospects differentiate itself by thicker text or LARGER SCRIPT? Does it have no diacritics and only bullets for lists? Do you need a better presentation – let’s see what it could look like with our help?

strategie marketing 6

Strategie marketing

Pasul #6: social media photography

Would your social media posts stop you from scrolling? If they’re made just “so they can be”, then no. If they’re just pictures of products from the manufacturer, then no. Let’s fix that and start with the visuals!