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Free website checkup

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Do you want a free checkup on your website?

At Connect Media we provide you with
just that and also with answers to the following questions:

Is my website ready
for online marketing?

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Are the code and site map correctly developed?

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Is my website
optimized for
search engines?

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… and let’s talk about speed!

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Max acceptable

for page loading:
2-3 seconds.

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loading time

loading time:
10-15 seconds.

…. and… about 3-in-1:

a website that works
just as well on desktops, tablets and smartphones!!

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Not really sure you’ve got all this covered?

Then you need our team to take a look and provide you with a free website analysis!

What does this free
analysis look like?

First of all, free site analysis starts with checking the following:


the sitemap allows search engines to find your content faster and index it correctly.

Robots.txt file

manages traffic from web crawlers – little “robots” used by search engines to index site content.


did you have pages show up in search results but they are no longer available? Redirects automatically redirect traffic from a page that no longer exists to a new page that does!

404 page

the error page that tells the user they did something wrong and directs them back to the relevant pages on the site.


here we are talking about file size and type (JPG, GIF, PNG, SVG), optimized image names (the file name should be search engine friendly and contain alternative text – a description) and use of original images (less stock photography!).

Secondly, free site analysis contains:

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HTML code check

we check whether the code applied to your website uses certain elements that are outdated or incorrect or just slow down the site.

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Basic SEO analysis

compliance with tags, page layout, breadcrumbs, canonical URL, used headings and paragraphs and whether they are followed in the correct order.

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Loading speed

this depends on the correctness of the code, the number of CSS or JavaScript files, the existence of uncompressed images or a misconfiguration of the server hosting the site.

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Synergy check

source code optimization, social media popularity, technology used, user experience, etc.

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Sound complicated?

If you turn to Connect Media’s free website analysis service, you’ll get a detailed report and explanation for each of the above points.

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The report created from the free analysis will tell you:


  what is GOOD.

  what could be BETTER.

  how you can go from GOOD to VERY GOOD.